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Surplus Equipment

Where saving money is crucial, APEX also offer a range of surplus and completely reconditioned heat exchangers, spare plates, graphite heads and spare tubing all at a fraction of the cost of new or OEM prices. APEX also offers rental and lease to own options on some of our surplus and reconditioned heat exchangers. Our inventory changes weekly, please call us for the most up to date listing.

Waste Heat Boiler For Sale.

Waste Heat Boiler For Sale!


Horizontal TEMA TYPE BEAM, “R” Class

Technical Specifications:

Tube Design: 485 PSI @ 835F

Tubes Qty: (735) - 1” OD x .180” aw x 15’ long: SA-214-F11C1 Tubes 1.25 Cr 1.5 Mo

Tube Joint Design: Strength welded

Tubesheets: 1.25Cr .5Mo Channels 1.25Cr .5Mo

Inlet Nozzle: 18” ANSI 400# RFSO 1.25Cr .5Mo

Outlet Nozzle: 18” ANSI 400# RFSO 1.25Cr .5Mo

T3 Nozzle: 12” ANSI 400# RFSO 1.25Cr .5Mo

Drain: (2) 1” 3000# COUPLING 1.25Cr .5Mo, one on each bonnet

Shellside Design: 1685 PSIG @ 625F

Shell: 44.75” OD Carbon Steel, SA516-70

Baffles: Carbon Steel

Expansion Joint:  Not required per drawing

Inlet Nozzle: (2) 8” Stubs with field weld prep

Outlet Nozzle:  (2) 8” Stubs with field weld prep

Blowdown (S3):  (4) 1” 600# Couplings

Code Stamp: ASME Section VIII Div 1 Stamp

ONLY!  $150,000 USD