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Fertilizer &
Ammonium Nitrate

We are Specialists in the Fertilizer and AN Industry 

Our broad manufacturing & engineering capabilities along with our market experience assures that you are installing high value, high quality equipment for your demanding and sometimes lethal service.

Apex Solutions at Work

APEX's customer/partner base includes some of the largest, multi-national producers in the world.

Ti Grade 2

Zr Dehydration Column

Sulfuric Acid Cooler

Zr Nitric Acid Cooler

Alloy 800 Super-Heater

Zr Ammonium Sparger Ring

Hastelloy G-35 Acid Evaporator

Zr Nitric Acid Condenser

Our equipment is being used in the production of:

Nitric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Ammonia & Ammonium Nitrate


Sulfuric Acid

Pesticides & Herbicides

Examples of the production equipment we have supplied include:

  • Anodically Protected 304/316 SS Sulfuric acid coolers
  • Alloy 600/800 Re-Heaters and Pre-Heaters
  • Zirconium coolers and condensers
  • Titanium coolers and condensers
  • Nickel alloy coolers and condensers
  • Ammonia vaporizers
  • Low pressure zirconium pressure vessels
  • Nickel alloy reaction towers
  • Expander Gas Heater, Alloy 800H, Alloy 625
  • Nickel alloy Acid evaporators
  • Zirconium AN Sparging Rings
  • Zirconium Nitric Acid Dehydration Columns
  • 2RE69® Carbamate Reboiler
  • Stainless Steel Ammonia Condensers

APEX's customer/partner base includes some of the largest, multi-national producers in the world. Our main focus is working with highly corrosion resistant materials and technologies including but not limited to VDM Alloy 31 ®, Alloy 600, Alloy 800, Hastelloy® G-30, G35 & C276, Sanicro®, 2RE10®, 2RE69®, titanium , zirconium, and 300-400 series stainless steel. APEX is on the cutting edge of materials technology.

Our on staff has helped us become a pioneer in developing weld procedures and fabricating the newest nickel based alloys such as Allegheny Alloy 2003. APEX also has worked with most major mills including Sandvik on developing internal weld procedures for the various high tech materials used in the fertilizer and AN industry.

 APEX has successfully developed 2RE69 ® (alloy 25.22.2) weld procedures with Huey testing used in Urea applications. We are only one of a few companies worldwide with the knowledge and experience of welding this challenging alloy.

Technology Spotlight

Above: Custom fabrications using high end metallurgy is an Apex trademark. This project was for a West Coast geo-thermal company. It is an internal vortex tube separator built for a high-pressure vessel, using high-grade 625 Inconel SB-443.

Alloy 31 for the Phosphoric Acid Industry.