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About Apex French Language Page.
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About Apex

Apex Engineered Products is a 30,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located in Western Pennsylvania, United States. It occupies two buildings that include a segregated clean room to prevent cross material contamination. Administrative, Engineering, Quality and Sales offices are located on site.

The primary product lines focus on the Nitrogen / Ammonium Nitrate and phosphorus based Fertilizer Industries. These include Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Coolers / Condensers, Gas Heaters / Reheaters, Evaporators, Vaporizers, Reboilers, Immersion Coils, Pressure Vessels & Tanks.


Typical Materials of Construction

Reactive Metals: Zirconium, Tantalum, Titanium

VDM: Alloy 31® , Alloy 33® , Alloy 59

Hastelloy® G30, G35

Sandavik 2RE10® , 2RE69® , 310L (.015 C Max.), Sanicro® 28

Inconel® 600, 625, Incoloy® 800, 800H

Nickel 200, Monel® 400

Apex Engineered Products

Super Phosphoric Acid Evaporatr designed and built by Apex Engineered Products.

PHOTO: Super Phosphoric Acid Evaporator designed and built by Apex

Designed and built to:

TEMA C, B, or R designs in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div. 1 “U’ Stamp and NBBI Code “R” Stamp.

Quality Control capabilities:

PMI, Helium Leak, Dye Penetration & UT material and weld testing capabilities.

Metal constructed heat exchangers have become the material of choice in the fertilizer industry. Zirconium is preferred for its superior resistance to corrosion, temperature and pressure extremes.

PHOTO (right) shows the welded components of a Zirconium Cascade Cooler designed and built by Apex.

Welded components of a Zirconium Cascade Cooler designed and built by Apex Engineered Products.
Zirconium Dehydration Column designed and built by Apex Engineered Products.


- Semi Automatic TIG Welder with cold wire feeder.

- Submerged Arc Welder (overlays and plate exceeding 1/2” thick)

- Astor Arc Orbital Welder (Strength and Seal Welds of Tube to Tubesheets)

- Plate Rolling (Shell construction)

- CNC Mitsubishi Vertical Machining Center w/through spindle coolant

- Vertical Turning Lathe

Tailgas Heater (2777 tubes) designed and built by Apex Engineered Products.

Specialty Products

- Chlorine Vaporizers

- VDM Alloy 31 Phosphoric Acid Evaporators

- Anodically Protected Sulfuric Acid Coolers

- Custom Designed Fabrications. Please contact us for details.

Apex Products by Application

Potassium Molecule


KCL Evaporators (Potassium Chloride)

Titanium Grades

High Nickel Alloy Grades

Ni 200

Nitrogen Molecule


Cooler Condensers

Tail Gas Heaters 310 SS or other SS

Gas Expansion 310 SS or other SS

Ammonia Vaporizers SS or Carbon Steel

Ammonia Condensers SS or Carbon Steel

Phosphoric Acid Molecule


Heaters /Evaporators / Coolers

Alloy 31


Hastolloy 625


317 SS

316 SS

Sulfuric Acid Molecule


Anodically Protected 316 SS

SX Sandvik (No Anodic protection)

Zirconium Coolers / Condensers